Sunday, August 07, 2005

For someone who is not used to writing, this is quite a challenge. I work with my hands....but not usually with words....unless a poem is inspired. At one time... when I fell in love...I wrote lots of poems....mostly about love. Even when I fell out of love....I wrote lots of poems...about the sadness of lost love. Wonder why that seemed easier than writing this blog. Perhaps let's start with a reason that I ever started a darling niece! She blogs and pours her heart out. What a wonderful time she is experiencing in her life right now. Although she may at times be frustrated, a person's years from 21 - 30 are great years to explore and find yourself. Although it took me a bit longer, that is to say....I am still exploring and trying to find myself. This is a lifetime exploration. There is always something new to discover about others and yourself. It just takes you a lifetime to figure this out. In your 20's you think you know everything but when you turn 30, you are absolutely sure! Then, 40's come along and the world starts to look a little different. And so it goes....into the future...


At 11:29 AM, Blogger Bella said...

Lady Thyme, you may not think so, but your words and thoughts are wise beyond your years. I think that you have a lot more figured out than you think, and lessons to share with younger generations, lessons that will help them along their own paths.
But still, there is a youth and beauty to your soul, and your imagination. And I think that anyone who gets to know that is very, very blessed.


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